Rediga’s Success Story in Women TechEU Program Garners Attention

Rediga, a dynamic player in the field of photovoltaic (PV) and IT technologies, is making waves with its remarkable success story. Their outstanding participation in the Women TechEU program has captured the spotlight, and the story is now featured on, showcasing their journey to success.

Rediga, led by CEO Skirmantė Baležentienė, embarked on this exciting journey driven by their achievements in the field of R&D, which signaled a significant contribution to the renewable energy sector. Their ambition to rapidly progress towards a commercial product also prompted them to seek expertise and support from investors and accelerators.

CEO Skirmantė Baležentienė emphasizes that their key to success is the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, encapsulated in their motto, “Never stop innovating.” Their goal is to revolutionize the PV industry with digital technologies, making renewable energy more accessible, efficient, and sustainable. Rediga’s continuous success in both national and international projects is a testament to the validity of their vision.

The Women TechEU program, according to Skirmantė Baležentienė, has proven to be highly beneficial for the development of innovative ideas. It provides access to mentors, coaching consultations, investment preparation, intellectual property protection, market analysis, and the refinement of business plans. While she acknowledges the complexity of preparing an application for this program, she encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to participate, believing that this program can provide essential business development skills, valuable partnerships, and potential investors.

Despite the challenges faced, Skirmantė Baležentienė encourages other women to take part in such programs, urging them to have confidence in their ideas and boldly pursue their goals. She asserts, “The core of this program lies in how your technology will change the world. If you believe you’ve created or are creating something extraordinary – this program is for you, as it will equip you with the missing business development competencies and connect you with the right partners or investors.”

Rediga’s remarkable journey and achievements underscore their dedication to innovation and promise of a brighter future in renewable energy. For more details about their success story and participation in the Women TechEU program, visit