“Solar BabySitter”- technology to change solar world

The “Solar BabySitter” project, funded by the EU under HORIZON-EIE-2022-SCALEUP-02 (Project Number: 101114041), aims to propel REDIGA towards accelerated growth and successful market entry with its disruptive technology. The project focuses on refining the business model, forging strategic partnerships, and devising a sustainable growth strategy to prepare for participation in the EIC Accelerator program.

For REDIGA participation with its deep-tech innovative product SOLAR BABYSITTER in an EU-funded project under the WomenTechEU initiative is pivotal in creating a pathway to scale up the technology, penetrate the market effectively, and achieve sustainable growth. Through this collaborative effort, REDIGA will prepare, connect, and engage with partners, like-minded professionals, and businesses to achieve its objectives.


Project Name: “Solar BabySitter”- technology to change solar world

Project has received EU funding under the call: HORIZON-EIE-2022-SCALEUP-02, Project Number: 101114041.

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