REDIGA Takes Center Stage: A Thrilling Opportunity to Shine Before European Commission and Business Angels Europe!

It was a significant moment for REDIGA as we stepped onto the stage to present “Solar Babysitter” on May 23rd. We had the unique privilege of being one of the early companies to share our journey in front of two distinguished entities – the European Commission and Business Angels Europe.

With the support of the Horizon Results Platform from the European Commission, we unveiled our aspirations to a select audience, including investors, industry experts, and influential business figures. The experience was enriched by the expertise of our moderator, Jan Debets, making it an exceptional milestone in our entrepreneurial journey.

We were honored to present before a jury of esteemed members from Business Angels Europe, including Luigi Amati, Reginald Vossen, Ute Günther, Jenny Tooth OBE, Malin-Iulian Stefanescu, Philippe GLUNTZ, Alain Pujol, and Valerio Caracciolo, who offered valuable insights into our vision.

In addition, we were grateful for the presence and support of the Head of Unit, Bernd Biervert, and Deputy Head of Unit, Davide Amato, f

rom the European Commission, along with their colleagues Pascale Dupont, Maria Albano, Georgios Lysandrides, and Michele McCabe.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Lorenzo Valeriani and Francesca Natali of META Group for their invaluable pitch training, which contributed to our success on this significa

nt stage.

This was indeed a remarkable opportunity for REDIGA, and we are deeply thankful for the chance to share our vision with such a distinguished and supportive audience. We invite you to explore the Horizon Results Platform to discover the potential of EU-funded research results and connect with the creators who are shaping the future.

Join us in celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship, and let’s continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible together. 🚀💡

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