Rediga Joins Lithuanian President’s Delegation for B2B mission in Australia

Rediga is joining the Lithuanian President’s delegation to Australia together with Innovation Agency of Lithuania, marking a pivotal moment in international collaboration and a moment for renewable energy collaboration aswell.

Rediga, as part of this delegation, will engage with Australian business, scientific, and industry leaders to bolster collaboration between the two continents. The aim is to exchange expertise and foster partnerships in renewable energy technology.

Skirmantė Baležentienė, Rediga’s CEO, emphasized the mission’s significance, stating, “This provides a unique platform to share our PV technology expertise and explore opportunities for global innovation and sustainability.”

Australia’s vast resources make it an ideal location for renewable energy projects. Rediga aims to contribute its PV solutions and establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

The delegation’s itinerary includes meetings with key industry players, government representatives, and scientific organizations. These interactions will pave the way for future collaborative renewable energy projects.

This mission underlines Lithuania’s commitment to sustainable energy and the potential for international cooperation to address global climate challenges. This opportunity comes from being a member of Lithuanian Photovoltaics Industry Cluster (FETEK) and Innovation Agency of Lithuania.