Lithuanian Demosite for “Solar Babysitter” is Now Operational!

REDIGA proudly unveils its groundbreaking “Solar Babysitter” demosite, positioned at the forefront of clean energy innovation. This remarkable project showcases not only advanced solar modules but also features an intelligent MLPE (Module-Level Power Electronics) system equipped with smart sensors and a weather station. At its core is disruptive AI software, poised to redefine sustainable energy management.

A collaborative endeavor with leading European and global energy experts, the “Solar Babysitter” project underscores REDIGA’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable technology.

Here are the key components of the REDIGA “Solar Babysitter” demosite:

  • Smart Solar Modules: High-efficiency modules adapt to environmental conditions for optimal energy production.
  • Advanced MLPE with AI: Precise control and monitoring at the module level, driven by groundbreaking AI.
  • Smart Sensors: Real-time data on temperature, sunlight, and module health for peak efficiency.
  • Weather Station: Accurate weather data enhances energy production and storage.

REDIGA’s commitment to sustainability shines through in this project, inspiring global innovation in renewable energy solutions. The demosite is open to the public, offering a firsthand look at the future of smart solar technology.