EPICENTRE Project Kicks Off with REDIGA Selected to Showcase Solar Babysitter Adaptation for AgriPV

We are excited to announce that REDIGA has been selected to participate in the EPICENTRE project, a dynamic initiative driven by cluster initiatives aimed at supporting SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) across Europe. REDIGA will bring its innovative AgriPV technology to the table, and what’s even more exciting is the adaptation of our Solar Babysitter technology to meet the specific needs of AgriPV applications, aligning perfectly with the EPICENTRE project’s initiatives.

EPICENTRE’s core mission is to create a strategy that fosters cross-sectoral and cross-border innovation, strengthening both established and emerging industries while supporting SMEs within global value chains.

This strategic initiative involves a thorough examination of systemic challenges and barriers within target value chains, aiming to unlock entrepreneurial opportunities driven by innovation. SMEs are at the forefront of this initiative, benefiting from the flourishing innovation ecosystem nurtured by clusters. Clusters play a central role, connecting stakeholders and offering insights into key performance areas and regions ripe for SME-driven innovation.

EPICENTRE’s ambitious goals include:

  1. Forging New Cross-Sectoral Industrial Value Chains: Leveraging SME innovation potential and fostering collaboration with corporate entities to create value chains across the European Union.
  2. Empowering SMEs in Their Green and Digital Transformation: Supporting SMEs in harnessing knowledge, creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation for greener and more digital operations.
  3. Promoting Clusters as Innovation Ecosystems: Elevating the role of clusters in fostering innovation.

Among the expected impacts of this project are:

  • Enhancing EU Industrial Ecosystem Resilience: By creating interconnected value chains within the EU single market.
  • Capacity Building for Strategic Autonomy: Bolstering critical supplies and technologies, including the scaling up of manufacturing facilities.
  • Transitioning to a Greener and More Digital Economy: Promoting sustainable practices and digitalization.
  • Workforce Development: Facilitating upskilling and reskilling efforts while attracting new talents to the industry.
  • Global Supply and Value Chain Reconnection: Strengthening access to global supply and value chains.

REDIGA is enthusiastic about this opportunity to contribute its AgriPV technology and adapt the Solar Babysitter product to cater to AgriPV applications. As we embark on this journey within the EPICENTRE project, we look forward to driving positive change and supporting the growth of SMEs across Europe.